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Thyme & Details • Sustainable Event Planning Blog

Welcome to the Thyme & Details Blog! Let's start off by explaining what is sustainable event planning?

Hi, hello, ciao! My name is Dana Watts and I'm the owner of Thyme & Details. Although we are an event planning company based out of the midwest USA (Central Ohio to be exact), we design, plan, and manage events worldwide! I hope this blog serves as a valuable resource for you as you plan one of the most important and memorable events in your life. At Thyme & Details, we care deeply about intentional elements, our impact on our community and planet, curating unique vibes, and crafting logistics that flow comfortably for everyone.

Thyme & Details is an event planning company that takes sustainability and impact seriously when designing, planning, and executing events. Did you catch the label "sustainable event planning"? Are you wondering what that means? I'll explain! My professional background is in event planning (since 2010), but my educational background is in sustainable business practices – balancing people/social, profit/economic, and planet/environment matters in a business setting. I could not choose between the two things I know and love (sustainability and events), so I married them together!

How do we operate a sustainable event planning company, you may ask? I'll tell you!

  • We are an Eden Reforestation Project partner. Through this partnership, we make a donation to have 1 tree planted for each guest at the events we plan and coordinate (ex. 250 guests = 250 trees planted to offset emissions from the event).

  • We work with local shelters, missions, farms, and composting organizations to divert food waste from our events.

  • We donate leftover florals and decor to nursing homes, churches, artists, and more to extend the life and legacy of our clients' decor.

  • We let nothing go to waste, if we can help it! We recycle or repurpose what we can and coordinate composting for everything else.

  • We encourage clients to rent decor instead of buying brand new decor that will sit in a closet for the next 5-10 years and then be tossed.

  • 100% renewable energy is supplied to our home office.

  • We drive an EV – powered by renewable energy.

  • We review our clients' desires (location, season, favorite foods, favorite flowers, etc.) and find as much local product as possible to meet their needs and grow the local economy where the event is taking place.

  • We give back charitably and serve nonprofits via pro bono works as often as we can!

What will this blog have to offer?

As a seasoned event planner, I will share tips and tricks for planning your own wedding or special event, share past event photos and client stories to inspire you, and explore destinations that you will want to consider when planning a destination wedding!

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